Mar 14, 2022 12:00 PM
Jason Odegaard, Director of Parks, Recreation
Sharing information about past and future projects.

Minnesota native, Jay Odegaard, spent his childhood years in the hills and river bottoms
of Winona before moving to La Crosse after high school to attend UW La Crosse. With a
strong desire to stay close to the beloved Mississippi River and outdoor recreation
opportunities, UWL provided the perfect home away from home. At UWL, Jay
completed his B.S. in Recreation Management, and later gained his Master Degree in
Recreation Management.
As a freshman at UWL, Jay secured employment with the City Parks and Recreation
Department. He continued working for Park & Rec throughout his college career in
various rolls. He also worked as a booth technician for ABC Sports, mainly focusing on
Monday Night Football productions.  After graduation, Jay moved to Menominee WI,
where he was employed by West Rec Company and worked throughout the tri-state area
installing playground equipment. The Coulee Region called him back in 2007 when he
obtained a full time position back in the City of La Crosse as a Recreation Supervisor.
Over the next decade, Jay worked for the department in various roles until he was named
the Director in 2019. Changes to city structure created additional responsibilities, adding
the City Facilities Department to his oversight. Jay has worked closely with many
organizations, partnering to improve the recreational opportunities in the La Crosse Area.
Jay’s passion for outdoor activities is showcased in his work toward bettering the city’s
Blufflands, waterways, and marshland. A product of the environment, Jay loves living in
this beautiful area with his wife Heidi and 3 sons Hunter, Iver, and Arne.