Mar 21, 2022 12:00 PM
Jacob Scimmas
Speaking on the Bike Share (Drift Bike) program

Jacob is the Chair of the La Crosse Community Bike Share Project of La Crosse
Neighborhoods, Inc.  LCNI is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation established in
2015 to advocate for initiatives and programs that protect, preserve and improve all of the
neighborhoods in the La Crosse area for all of the residents.
Jacob Sciammas grew up in Milwaukee, WI and is a community organizer, educator and
facilitator that has led meetings, classes, challenge courses, consultations and trips for
camps, public schools, park/recreation departments, universities, and corporate/non-profit
organizations all over the U.S. and internationally.  
He has taught as an Instructor for Business Management - Team Development, served as
a Consultant for the Office of Organizational Effectiveness, and director of outdoor
adventure learning programs at UW-Madison, University of Maryland, UCLA, and City
of Denver Parks and Recreation.  Jacob received his BS from the University of WI -
Madison and a Masters of Education at the UW – La Crosse, making him both a Badger
and Eagles fan.
Since his family of 4 moved to La Crosse 12 years ago, he has served as an Instructor at
UW-L in Recreation Management, Outward Bound Corporate Teambuilding Consultant,
Ski Patroller/Patrol Instructor at Mt La Crosse, President of Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of La Crosse, Sustainability Institute Board Member, La Crosse City Planning
Commissioner, La Crosse DRIFT Bike Share Chair, Chair of Grandview-Emerson
Neighborhood Association, Friends of La Crosse Pools and Aquatics Chair, and
Founder/President of La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc. non-profit.
Jacob, his wife - Dr. Erin Maslowski, and two kids - Nora (13) and Ike (11), are huge
fans of all that the Coulee Region has to offer, and they hope to live close enough to walk
or bike to the bluffs, forest, marshes, rivers and downtown La Crosse forever!